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27 June 2022    |    Blog

So you want to be a consultant? (some thoughts for those thinking about it…)

Going freelance felt like jumping out of a moving train in Siberia, with wolves on the horizon… some thoughts for anyone thinking about becoming a consultant from our Chair Karen Morton

I sometimes dream I am still a CEO – and wake with mixed feelings. Being a consultant can be fascinating and rewarding, and the genie probably won’t go back in the bottle. It’s certainly been a learning process, and here are just a few things I’ve picked up along the way:



When you work from home,  housework and errands can become hyper-attractive when the alternative is bid-writing. Okay, so you may not get interrupted by colleagues,  but last week an entire day was derailed because –

–  a neighbour’s son was stuck for lift to the station

– a towel rail fell off

– a relative needed urgent refresher on digital banking

–  the church over the road couldn’t wake someone asleep on a pew (they were OK)

– the robin was hassling & there was no bird seed

And, of course, home is where the chocolate drawer lives.

But as a consultant you can use your best skills, meet fabulous people, learn loads, and (in theory) control how you choose to make a difference. I was AMAZED at how encouraging and helpful my peer consultants were when I, a potential competitor, arrived on the scene.

It’s not just me who’s picked up some good learning on this journey. Here’s just a few gems from Consultants for Good members:-.

how often you hear ‘we’ve been looking for someone who does that!’

Finally – when starting out, think about finishing. A recent Consultants for Good workshop gave wise advice about planning retirement when planning your start-up.


Good luck!