Consultants for Good members and guests are invited to attend an annual programme of professional development and learning events including themed seminars, training sessions and our annual conference.

Given the collaborative nature of Consultants for Good, our events provide an excellent route into relationship-building. Not only do we get to know each other, but many of us go on to work together, refer each other for work and share potential work opportunities.

Our training events are regularly facilitated by our own members, who share their specialist knowledge, expertise and skills for the benefit of other members.

At our themed seminars and annual conference members are kept up to speed with developments, news, challenges and innovations thanks to a range of inspiring guest speakers who are invited to explore and discuss issues affecting the sector.

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Successes and Failures : Learning from each other’s experiences


A Consultants for Good UK on line networking session

Tuesday 23rd July 2024

We’ve all been there – a contract that offered so much potential but we came away feeling that we could have done better and it didn’t quite work out as planned. However, we often fail to notice the successes, and still less often celebrate them until we look back years later but those successes must offer some lessons for dealing with the ‘failures’. This workshop will explore what are the ingredients of a successful consultancy and how do we celebrate those successes? And how do we look back and reflect on those instances when we feel we could have done better or external circumstances get in the way and how do we learn from those occasions? It will give you an opportunity to explore, in a safe space with others, how we define and deal with failure and how we celebrate success because we probably don’t do that enough!

The session is FREE for CforG members in the UK.  BOOK NOW by clicking on the Eventbrite link below, and you will then receive a Zoom link to join the event.