Sonny Allward

Made for Impact Limited


We utilise Strategic & creative services to measure, highlight & grow your organisation’s impact.

This includes strategic workshops, photography, videography, marketing, branding and website design to get eyes on your organisation, attracting opportunities and people, so you can make a more significant impact.

We work with charities to:
- Attract fundraising and grants.
- Secure sponsorship and strengthen partnerships.
- Measure, track, showcase and improve your positive impact by putting in place impact measuring systems.
- Turn observers into active supporters, volunteers and donors.
- Have a strategy that brings together your mission and your unique vision.
- Create scroll-stopping content that highlights your strengths, amplifies your message and generates opportunities.


- We the Curious
- We Care
- GiveDirectly
- Launchpad Reading
- The Natural History Consortium
- NWR (National Women's Register)
- Brave Bold Drama
- Sport In Mind
- Community of Purpose CIC
- Lifeskills Bristol
- Grassroot Communities


I have a BA Degree in Graphic Communication from the University of Reading.

I enjoy learning and self development and continue to read book, research topics and listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Here's some other learning I have undertaken:

• Digital marketing
• Content creation and strategy
• Social media marketing
• Data modelling
• Ethics in marketing
• Event marketing
• CRM integration and Automation

• User journey mapping and user experience design
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• eCommerce design
• Analytics with Google Analytics & HotJar

• Storytelling frameworks
• Storytelling in marketing and advertising


Sonny has been freelancing since 2012 before founding Made for Impact Limited in 2016.