Na'eem Raza


A charismatic and entrepreneurial consultant with a demonstrable track record of creating, leading and delivering high-profile and vastly successful charity fundraising campaigns and activities across all mediums.

Utilising positive community engagement and position across broad networks, multiple cultures and backgrounds to unify communities and exceed fundraising targets for many high-profile charities.
Specifically focused on helping organisations diversity their audience in regards to the Muslim and faith based communities.

Furthermore supporting the organisation to engage with the South Asian diaspora at all levels.



Great Ormond Street Hospital
Assisted and supported them in widening their support base. Advised them on their emerging campaign on the development of a £350 Million children’s cancer centre, by helping to diversify their funding board. Additionally, successfully secured seven-figure donations for the hospital.

Bhopal Medical Appeal
Helped to energise Bhopal Medical Appeal’s fundraising strategy by targeting new audiences. Assisted by directing their Ramadan campaign to ensure they widen their target audience.

Supported their online donation mechanism by orientating it towards Muslims and other diverse communities. Combined together, these measures helped to significantly increase WaterAid’s donations year on year.

DeafBlind UK
Assisted in raising the profile of Deafblind UK and its engagement with Muslim and South Asian communities. Provided input in further enhancing their support services aimed at BAME communities, through training and support, including the recruitment of full-time EDI Coordinator.

British Asian Trust
Engaged as Consultant to the British Asian Trust (major charity supported by King Charles), to provide leadership across several high-profile programmes of work; working alongside notable charity Executives to create and deploy fundraising and marketing strategies in-line with the Charities’ vision.

Led campaigns, fundraising and unified communication strategy as Consultant at Barnardo’s, delivering multi-national campaigns, utilising an omni-channel marketing strategy.

Islamic Relief
As Campaign Manager, led £400,000 major campaign launch. Fostered and nurtured relationships across media and PR channels, seeking opportunities for sponsorship and advertising. Succeeded in attracting over 6,000 new donors and delivered more than £5m in funds.

Human Appeal
Engaged as Director of Fundraising and Communications to create a high performing charity fundraising strategy. Succeeded in delivering communication framework to support ongoing fundraising efforts, increasing funds from £3.8m to £60m in 5-years.

Action for Humanity
Fostered and nurtured relationships seeking and developing opportunities in fundraising. Initiated research on UK donors, non-donors and volunteers, analysing results to drive engagement into untapped markets. Assisted in significantly increasing income year on year.

Muslim Youth Helpline
Consultant Head of Fundraising and Acting CEO


Consultant and Director supporting and leading multiple fundraising and communications opportunities as well as providing operational leadership across several faith and non-faith organisations.

Successfully developed and supported many key charities on developing and delivering on a Muslim Community and Philanthropic engagement strategy.

Seasoned training consultant having identified a niche market to train and develop mainstream organisations to undertake strategies on engagement with South Asian and BAME communities.

Compere & Presenting

Seasoned broadcaster, presenter and fundraiser with public speaking experience at gala dinners, conferences, events and local radio and national TV.

Anchor broadcaster, twice from the Hajj Muslim pilgrimage, with 3 million people attending the world’s largest annual religious gathering, in Saudi Arabia.