Magda Charlton

Research Oxford


At Research Oxford, we are passionate about enabling organisations to access evidence-based insights that demonstrate their impact, tell their stories and inform positive change.We can help with understanding of key stakeholders, evaluation of projects, building internal research and evaluation capabilities and demonstration of impact.We do this through:- development of a Theory of Change, which provides a clear overview of the path an organisation is taking to reaching its mission and vision;- creation of an evaluation framework, which helps to clarify actions that need to be taken for an informed and meaningful monitoring and evaluation, including sources of data and necessary tools;- development of surveys and other quantitative research methods;- carrying out of interviews or focus groups (and other qualitative research methods);- production of impact reports, end-of-project reports, process evaluation reports and other reporting required for an informed organisation management or project funders;- data and process reviews, together with review of the use of any databases, to track outputs and outcomes of projects;- reporting on impact, including Social Value and Cost/Benefit analysis;- ongoing support with monitoring and evaluation;- carrying out independent studies, e.g. wellbeing levels amongst workforce;- collaboration and support in upskilling staff to feel comfortable and empowered to engage in evaluation and monitoring activities.


Our vision is for our communities to get the services and support they truly need by empowering organisations to make informed and insightful choices.We specialise in working with small and medium-sized charities, social enterprises, community groups and partnerships created to improve social mobility.


Magda is a highly organised and resourceful researcher with long-standing experience in non-for-profit sector and data analysis. Skilled in impact monitoring, from process and data review, introduction of new systems to data collection, analysis, reporting and bringing in data-informed culture.