Janinah McKenzie

JMK & Co Consultancy Ltd


I have 10+ years of experience in business; analysis, planning and strategy across the creative industry as well as in a variety of impact-driven environments.

I have designed and facilitated workshops, learning programmes and training sessions for numerous organisations involving people of all job levels, from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

In addition to being adept as a facilitator, I've also gained extensive experience in creating business plans and strategies for both commercial and non-profit organisations. Most recently however, I have predominantly been working on projects involving: Digital Transformation, Impact measurement, Process Improvement and Theory of Change.


* Afghanistan Women's Organisation
* Bonny Downs Community Association
* Disability Resource Centre
* Thirty Percy Foundation


Over the years I've invested heavily in CPD including a Level 5 Diploma in Coaching (University of Warwick, 2020) and most recently have begun studying towards Kaizen and Six Sigma qualifications (August 2023-2024).

I'm a big believer in education equalling power, as knowledge can be used as a leveraging tool to better the chances of those within marginalised communities being able to access additional business /career opportunities and prospects. However, as well as investing in my own CPD and education, I'm also massively passionate about creating space for meaningful conversations that educate and empower others to also take leadership over their lives and (if necessary) change the way they work and live, so they're more in alignment with their own aspirations.