Mick Denton



Inspiration is committed to providing high quality client-focused fundraising and charity consultancy services to the charity, non-profit and voluntary sector.

Inspiracion has over 19 years experience of working as charity consultants to assist clients in the charity, non-profit and voluntary sector with the following support:

  • Organisational and strategic development of charity, non-profit and voluntary organisations to achieve their full potential through engagement, facilitation and strategic planning
  • Interim and project management with a focus on implementing good practice and governance, change management and restructuring, developing new business models and leading organisations towards sustainability
  • Fundraising for programmes and projects in the area of employment, learning, community and training
  • Cost effective and efficient project monitoring and evaluation with a focus on learning and development
  • Facilitation and community involvement in problem solving and decision-making processes
  • Delivery of specialist bespoke training and facilitation to meet the needs of clients


Inspiracion works with a wide range of organisations including charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.
Some of our clients have included: Barakat Culture CIC; Camden Community Law Centre; Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust; Kingsgate Community Centre; Kosmos Centre; Lloyds Bank Foundation; Somali Youth Development Resource Centre; The Barakat Trust; The Mansoojat Foundation; Womens’ Aid


Master of Business Administration: Open University Business School;

Professional Diploma in Management: Managing Performance and Change, Open University Business School;

Certificate in Fundraising Management: Institute of Fundraising;

Association for Project Management: Introductory Certificate in Project Management: The Projects Company;

Professional Certificate in Management: Open University Business School;

Full Certificated Membership MInstF (Cert) Institute of Fundraising;


Interim management: with a focus on implementing good practice and governance, change management and restructuring, developing new business models and leading organisations towards sustainability;

Governance: Supporting management committees to establish charitable organisations and developing the capacity of organisations to achieve their full potential through engagement;

Experience of the voluntary sector and community sector: extensive experience of working with the voluntary and community sector, in particular disadvantaged and BME groups;

Knowledge of capacity and community development issues: a track record of initiating interventions that engage and empower the voluntary and community sector and their beneficiaries, including working with, reporting to, and enabling trustees to carry out their responsibilities;
Partnership working: extensive experience in establishing, servicing and working in partnerships at a local, national and European level;
Communication skills: excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to communicate clearly and with clarity to a wide range of audiences;

People management and leadership skills: a proven ability to lead, motivate and develop a staff team with enthusiasm and consistency, plus a working knowledge of UK employment law and human resource policies
Fundraising skills: a proven track record of identifying sources of income and raising funds from a wide range of funding sources including local, national and European sources;

Financial management skills: a proven ability to ensure appropriate oversight of accounts, financial planning and procedures, and maintain healthy cash flow and adequate reserves;

Project management: extensive experience of working at all levels of programme and project management, from initial conception through to final evaluation and developing exit strategies, meeting the needs of clients and funders