Emily Lomax



Emily is a Founding Partner of WRKWLL and a Leadership Development Specialist. She possesses a wealth of experience in driving social change and fostering high-performing teams. Her multifaceted skills include coaching, facilitation, and collaboration. As an ILM-accredited action learning facilitator and an AOEC-qualified executive coach, Emily is adept at supporting and challenging individuals to reach their full potential.

Emily’s journey extends beyond theory; she actively applies her expertise. As the Programme Director for Clore Social Leadership’s Emerging Leader Women & Girls and Experienced Leader programs, she orchestrates unique learning experiences. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Emily’s commitment to social leaders remains unwavering. She champions the mantra of “KNOW YOURSELF, BE YOURSELF, AND LOOK AFTER YOURSELF”, recognizing that self-awareness, authenticity, and self-care are essential for effective leadership.

Under her leadership WRKWLL LLP has established itself as one of the leading organisations delivering support to principally UK social sector organisations, including the Refugee Council, YoungMinds, Oxfam GB and Womankind Worldwide. With a team of over 30 Associates, the partnership has the breadth, depth and diversity of experience and expertise to provide tailored support to individuals and organisations ranging from coaching to strategy, well-being to inclusion.

Emily’s impact extends beyond her leadership role, to serving as a critical friend, connector and catalyser for positive social change. Her passion for making work both fun and effective underscores her commitment to social impact.

In summary, Emily embodies leadership, resilience, and a genuine desire to empower others. Her skills, and those of her team, extend across leadership development, coaching, and social change, making her a beacon for those navigating the complex landscape of social leadership.


Recent clients include the Refugee Council, Alzheimer’s Society, Young Minds, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation, Anne Frank Trust UK, Home Start Cymru, Changing Futures Sussex, The Reader, West Sussex County Council, The House of St Barnabas, Refuge, Rape Crisis England & Wales, Refuge, New Horizon Youth Centre, Re-engage, Public Voice, Unbound Philanthropy and Womankind Worldwide.


ILM Accredited Action Learning Facilitator (Action Learning Associates)
AOEC Qualified Executive Coach
Clore Social Fellow
MA History and Politics (University of Glasgow)


Emily is a Founding Partner of WRKWLL, and Programme Director at the Clore Social Leadership Programme (Emerging Leader Women & Girls and Experienced Leader). She is formerly Head of Volunteering at VSO, and Executive Director of Think Ahead.

Recent consultancy experience includes:

Strategy consultation:
Design and deliver collaborative processes to develop new strategic plans for organisations such as UK-MED, Survivor’s Network, NSPCC and World Child Cancer.

Leadership of Learning Networks:
Director of Programmes for Clore Social Leaderships’ CEO and Women & Girls Programmes.

Experienced mentor with track record of supporting senior women through a variety of transitions – return to work after maternity leave, leading organisational change, planning career progression routes and securing new roles.

Group Coaching Programmes:
Using an Action Learning approach to develop peer coaching programmes which build networks to drive systemic change. Recent programmes include the Responsible Finance sector, cross-sector senior level climate change activists and the Lloyds Bank Foundation.

Executive Coaching:
Supporting talented leaders across all sectors to be the best they can be. Clients include DfID, Leaders Plus, NSPCC, World Child Cancer, The British Asian Trust, and Shine Cancer Support.

Organisational Change Programming:
Leadership of teams of consultants to develop and deliver packages of support for organisations going through significant change. Recent examples include The Anne Frank Trust and World Child Cancer.