Duncan Wallace

Duncan Wallace Associates


I provide training, coaching, external supervision and learning programs. This includes action learning sets, leadership development programs, governance development, workplace resilience workshops and mentoring programs.

I believe that a vibrant society is possible, especially when people and organisations have the space to realise their potential. However, we tend to be so busy creating change in the world that it can be hard to pause. It can be even harder to see, with clarity, how we can be who we want to be. I help change-makers gain insight by weaving action-based learning, research programs, and thoughtful insights into practical training and considered support.
It’s not just my belief that change is possible. It’s my experience too. I am, first and foremost, an activist. I have spent decades working to encourage a more socially just and resilient Scotland, through founding notable organisations like Emmaus Glasgow. Now, I use my experiences to empower, enable, and inspire leaders to think strategically while acting sustainably.

This work is where practicality is humanised to encourage social change practitioners to use their whole selves in leadership.


Scottish Government, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Energy Savings Trust, LGBT Health and Wellbeing, Edinburgh Community Health Forum, Hospices, The Marie Trust, Fathers Network Scotland, Womens Aid, Stirling University, Glasgow School of Art, Pilton Youth and Community Project, YMCA Edinburgh, AdvoCard, Rowan Alba, Church of Scotland, EVOC, SCVO, Childrens Hospices Across Scotland, Judy Murray Foundation, Development Trusts Association Scotland, Community Health Exchange Scotland, PlayPEACE, Commission for Ethical Standards in Public Life Scotland, Voices of Experience Scotland, Integrity Coaching, Acorn Principle Plus, Oxfam, Care Inspectorate, Simon Community Scotland, Green Aspirations, Borders Youth Network, One World Shop, Grassmarket Project, Edinburgh University, Dundee Carers Centre, NHS 24


  • Diploma in Organisational Development for Leaders and Consultants
  • Institute of Leadership and Management Management, qualifications level 3 and 4
  • Certificate in Managing Complexity from the Bayswater Institute
  • Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice, from the Association of Coaching
  • Certificate in 'Working with Task, Authority and Organisations from the Tavistock Institute
  • Certificate in Human Relations and Counselling from Scottish Institute of Human Relations.


I have been doing organisational development consultancy since 2005. I set up and ran a significant consultancy project ‘The Healthy Organisations Service’ supporting the sustainability & governance development of a range of community led health organisations.

I have worked across the voluntary sector in Scotland, as well as working with monks & nuns and clergy who are leading social projects. Some of this work has been international. From my original training in system psychodynamic approaches with the Scottish Institute of Human Relations (now Human Development Scotland), I have continued to train with the Tavistock Institute and the Bayswater Institute. I have an enduring interest in organisational culture and the unconscious dynamics which affect performance. In the last few years I have been able to carry out more action research, focusing on the interaction between the human dynamic side and the practical systems development of innovation. This has included some major evaluation studies with the Carnegie Foundation.

I have consulted to the setting up of 5 major coaching & mentoring schemes across scotland in a sectors ranging from local energy production to health boards. I also have 5 years of experience working with public sector governance through work i do on Public Appointments on behalf of the the Ethical Standards Commission. This enables me to bridge from the board development work i do in local small charities, all the way into how governance works in government bodies.