Danièle Lamarche


With over twenty years’ experience as a researcher into racial and sexual discrimination, director of a women’s complementary health care charity, a city farmer, television news scriptwriter, photographer, economic and environmental researcher, I have, over the last two decades, strategically supported and helped capacity build with small to medium-sized charities, small businesses and social enterprises.

A majority address the socio-economic, caring, cultural, human rights and environmental needs of communities of minority ethnic heritage, women and people living with disabilities seeking help with feasibility studies, strategic planning, fundraising, service delivery and evaluation.

In my capacity as a writer, researcher and photo-journalist, I also help review policies, publications, videos and exhibitions on topics ranging from race, domestic violence, housing, environmental sustainability, cultural and heritage issues.

In a personal capacity, I support local sports, cultural, environmental, wellbeing and heritage projects, manage a smallholdings of my own and continue to exhibit as a photographer covering socio-documentary issue of local and global concern.

Fluent in English, Spanish and French with dog-paddling skills in Portuguese, Italian, Bengali, I have also worked in India, Nepal, support organisations in Somaliland, Sweden and Vietnam.


I primary work in the south of England but also help clients in Asia, Africa and Latin America undertake strategic reviews of organisational structures and services to help enhance the scope, quality and efficiency of service-delivery for small to medium-sized charities and businesses.

A majority of clients are grass-root community groups delivering services for isolated and vulnerable clients seeking to take first steps towards community engagement, training and employment, organisations addressing knife crime, promoting community access to advice services, sports, health and wellbeing activities, green and cultural activities. I also work with umbrella organisations including the Big Local, Lloyds Foundation and the School for Social Enterprises in auditing, supporting and capacity-building for small charities and social enterprises.

I have also undertaken feasibilities for the establishment of three cultural and heritage organisations, support an indigenous film festival in reaching and engaging with grass-root communities alongside mainstream audiences, the establishment of one of Somaliland’s first organics and environmentally-sustainable farm and communities in India displaced by environmental degradation and mining concerns.


I hold degrees in political sciences, semiotics and environmental management. Certificates in RSA Counselling Certificate for working with people with learning difficulties, First Aid, Health & Safety, Risk Assessment and Food & Hygiene, training, as a former PQASSO Mentor, in quality assurance systems and as a Fellow of the School for Social Enterprises also inform and complement my understanding of the needs of charities, social enterprises and small businesses.


A former director of a complementary health charity, development worker in an environmental charity, grants officer, journalist, socio-documentary photographer, race relations and heritage researcher, I facilitate project management, fundraising, quality assurance reviews and editorial work in creative, environmental, health, heritage, human rights and employment-related fields.

• With over twenty years’ experience as a Project Manager within voluntary and statutory sectors in London and abroad, I have also worked as a grants assessor and consultant for umbrella organisations supporting minority ethnic and women’s organisations;

• In my capacity as a writer, researcher and photo-journalist, I have produced feasibility studies and helped launch community and cultural heritage organisations, publications for children and women, videos and exhibitions addressing race, domestic violence, housing, heritage and environmental sustainability;

• I facilitate creative workshops with young people in galleries, museums, housing estates and schools using art templates, recycled materials, photography and video to explore social, cultural history and waste education issues;

• My interest in addressing issues affecting vulnerable residents including women, minority ethnic communities, refugees and people living with disabilities in combination with the arts, environmental issues and human rights campaigns also helps inform my work.