Andrew Robertson

Re: Writing


I am a Development Editor in two senses: (a) I work with writers and their organizations to make publications the very best they can be; and (b) I am passionate about social development, both in the UK and abroad.

I help charities and social enterprises to express the vision, evidence-base, know-how and integrity that guides their work – whether that’s through reporting or fundraising documents, web copy, or partnership research with government and universities. Long-form content (commentary, analysis, policy, courseware, academic or professional doctorates, book-length publications) is for getting at the full complexities facing charities and society.

A good listener with a broad frame of reference, and hands-on with the text, I help clients bring publications from conceptualization to completion. I do this by understanding the brief, offering options, giving constructive feedback, and editing, copywriting or rewriting as appropriate. Whether online or print, publishing is a flexible, collegial business. I am a team player when it comes to working closely with communications managers, commissioning or series editors, experts/resource persons, designers, instructional designers, programme staff and other end users.


I went freelance in 2008 following several years in communications and programme development with the Commonwealth in London (some of it in partnership with UNICEF). I continued to work with both NGO and intergovernmental sides, commissioning and editing publications on natural resources, democracy and the rule of law, public health, global education, gender equality and other subjects.

This built on my in-house experience which had started with women’s and youth affairs, and which included speechwriting for senior leaders. In the areas of gender and youth I have since worked on policy and strategy for ActionAid International, British Council, Restless Development/UKAID and INTER (implemented by International IDEA).

In UK health and social care, I have edited for Anna Freud Centre, British Medical Journal, Turning Point and others. I have delivered conference presentations at North-East London NHS Foundation Trust, King’s College London, and the UK Council of Professionalism Teachers (hosted by the General Medical Council).

On the academic side, I assist scholars at all stages (early to mid-career, senior, retired) with editing or adaptation of their research for real-world impact. These authors run charities, or are active in other ways, in: mental health, food poverty, education, homelessness, museums/heritage and culture, anti-racism, armed conflict, refugees and displacement, and environmental campaigning.


I have a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, where I was awarded a Michel Scholarship, Gibbs Prize and Ives Prize. I took legal studies courses (School of Law, University of Sussex) in 2003–4, and have since edited texts on EU law, policy and regional funds.

I have undertaken extensive on the job training in values-based recruitment addressing equalities, diversity and inclusion. This involved facilitating discussion on UK cultural and economic context, usually with participants from African, Eastern European, Irish and BME communities, and always with health service users.


At one time an associate lecturer in health and social care (mainly undergraduate nursing), I’ve worked with the University of Oxford Medical School, Oxford Brookes University, LSBU and others on curriculum development, values-based recruitment and public engagement. I coordinated a team of service user educators with lived experience of mental health diagnoses, treatment and recovery, and I undertook committee work also with clinical, managerial and trust staff.

On social policy more broadly, I have been involved with conference support and strategy writing, including on rethinking economics for real-world relevance and social justice.