Consultants for Good Online Conference

The world is in crisis.

In the UK – and elsewhere – unprecedented costs are disastrous for those at the sharp end, those who are already marginalised experience hatred and discrimination exacerbated by social media, and the needs of beneficiaries are increasing whilst rising costs make charities even less sustainable and the sector struggles to recruit.

This is against a backdrop of war, Covid, climate emergency and loss of biodiversity creating a cascade effect,  which will have an increasingly severe impact on our global society.  Floods, food poverty, conflict, and other interconnected events means communities, and the natural world, are increasingly destabilised, creating serious challenges for the charity sector.

As charity consultants operating in this increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex environment, we have an important role to play. Whether we’re providing knowledge, skills, or focus to help clients navigate through the storm, or whether we’re using our own sphere of influence to generate ripples that help make a positive difference, we need to embrace new ways of seeing the world and doing our work and ensure that we are not perpetuating an orthodoxy that is no longer fit for purpose.

Join us for this one day, participative, online conference where you’ll get to meet, connect and share your feelings and experiences with CforG colleagues, and gain information, ideas, and inspiration from a diverse group of speakers and facilitators.

You’ll be challenged to look at things differently, you’ll discover new ideas and approaches, and you’ll be inspired to use new tools and techniques to support clients through the maelstrom as well as contributing to the deep systemic change that is required in our society.

Please note that this event is open to Consultants for Good members and invited guests.  If you know someone working as a Consultant in the third sector whom you would wish to invite to the Conference – and who might be interested in becoming a member – please feel free to let them know about the event. If they would  like to come along you may pass  them the Eventbrite link so that they can book theor own ticket.


29 Nov 2022


9:30 am - 3:30 pm

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